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Digital and Offset Commercial and Industrial Printing

Akran provides offset commercial printing, digital printing, gang run printing, on-demand printing, high and low capacity printing, and electronic prepress and delivery services. We are recognized for our sheet-fed print, visual, graphics and display services to leading companies in a number of industries, including retail, consumer products, financial services, automotive, pharmaceutical, healthcare, advertising, and communications. The bulk of our work consists of four-colour commercial jobs with coating for advertising agencies and industrial companies.

Throughout the printing process, from prepress through to press and post-press, you can count on Akran Printing to provide:

  • A team of print experts with indepth knowledge and experience to handle every aspect of your project.
  • Advanced printing technologies and equipment for optimal results and the highest quality printed products possible.
  • Responsive customer service and excellent client-supplier communication from start-up, throughout production to delivery and thereafter.

In short, your final printed product will looks as great as you imagined it would when viewing it in the design phase. To often, designers produce amazing work on screen only to be disappointed with the final printed product. We don't think that's the way it should work, nor do we do business that way. If you're looking for a better approach, Akran Printing goes to great lengths to ensure your creative graphic design solutions look as great in print as you imagined. That's why Akran Printing is all ultimately about amplifying your ideas through print.

See our Print Product List for a quick view of what we print.

Order Fulfillment and Distribution

To support high-volume, time-critical business services, we've implemented WMS systems (Warehouse Management System) (WMS) linked to our on-demand print and order fulfillment services. This leading-edge technology enables Akran Printing to provide the distinct advantage of real-time order status and inventory control.

Upon storing your printed products in our distribution center, our team immediately verifies the shipment for accuracy and inspects your product before put-away, advancing it from dock to stock immediately. When orders are sent to our warehouse management systems, we then pick, pack and ship your customers' orders utilizing our loading terminals.

Akran Printing also offers a returns/exchange program, which links all returns processing real-time to our order and warehouse management systems.

Our fulfillment services include:

  • B2C (Business to Consumer)
  • B2B (Business to Business
  • Collateral Fulfillment
  • Point of Purchase Material
  • Pallet Marketing Programs

All Customers are ensured:

  • Order Accuracy
  • Inventory Integrity
  • Accelerated Cycle Times
  • Timely Returns Processing
  • Immediate Emergency Response

Order Response

All orders that are received by noon are processed and out by 3pm. All orders received after 6 pm are shipped by 9 am.